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Timor Steffens

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FUE CT hair transplant

Timor Steffens, dancer and TV-star

Timor Steffens is a professional dancer and choreographer.At 18, he started dancing and in 2008 he participated in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. American choreographer Dan Karaty was extremely enthusiastic about Steffens. So he left for the United States two months after the final of So You Think You Can Dance. There, he danced for Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, among others. A true performer, which makes his outer appearance hugely important to him.

His experience

‘I always had the most diverse hairstyles.You could say that every artist gets a lot of self-confidence from being on stage or in front of the camera when they look their best.You dress to look and feel good.But also your hairstyle makes you radiate that little bit extra.’

And it did: a meticulous plan of action was worked out, using the latest techniques.Thus, it was decided to perform an FUE CT hair transplant with optimal aftercare at Timor Steffens, where our aftercare treatment ensures better blood flow and optimal growth conditions for the transplanted hair follicles.

‘If hair loss makes you feel hampered….Then why not?’

Timor Steffens

Always in the spotlight

‘The truth is that I am super conscious about the way I style my hair. So now when I play sports or dance, I usually choose to put on a hat because I’m afraid my hair will get tangled and my receding hairline will show. I also feel very insecure talking about it, it sounds stupid, I know. But for me, it just has a lot of impact on how I feel.’

‘I feel confident and complete again. Ready to direct the next step in my life!’

Timor Steffens

His interview on Dutch national TV (RTL4)

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