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FUE CT hair transplant afro hair

FUE CT hair transplant afro hair

Amsterdam Hair Institute

The highest quality clinic for afro hair

Amsterdam Hair Institute is the leader in the hair transplant industry with a 97% satisfaction rate after just a single treatment with an average of 2 to 2.5 times more density! As an institute, we are constantly working on the latest technologies and developments to achieve the best results. Our superior FUE CT hair transplant technique is also used for frizzy hair, it is one of our specialisms. Celebrities like Ruud Gullit, Sean Klaiber, Royston Drenthe, Patrick Kluivert and many others preceded you!

Over the past 17 years, we have performed over 16,000 successful hair transplants!

The advantages of our

FUE CT technique

  • 2 to 2.5x more density than regular techniques
  • Largely multi-grafts with 2, 3 or 4 hairs
  • The entire hair follicle is transplanted with stem cell
  • Final results within 6 to 9 months instead of the regular 18 months
  • 97% satisfaction rate after just one treatment
  • The scalp recovers faster and is presentable again within 10 to 18 days
  • A unique and effective CTS/PRP aftercare program (circulation treatment stimulators)
  • A permanent FUE CT team with more than 17 years of experience
  • A limited number of operations per day with ample attention to the client
  • To be combined with our FDA-registered, organic CT Exclusive aftercare products
  • Experience of over 16,000 successful treatments
  • 100% customization with more than 30 unique treatment protocols
  • Personal contact via the WhatsApp support line, e-mail or phone

FUE CT vs regular techniques

There are major differences between our unique FUE CT technique and the regular FUE, FUE Sapphire or DHI technique. From our clinical experience, we know that the regular hair transplant techniques only have a customer satisfaction rate of 30% after one treatment, despite the fact that the surgery was successful anyway. This means that the operation was technically successful, but the result is far from optimal.

Regular techniques tend to harvest single-grafts, which are often damaged during the harvesting process. This results in low density, despite the need to harvest more grafts from the donor area.

At Amsterdam Hair Institute, together with our medical research team, we have conducted years of research to overcome the shortcomings of regular hair transplant techniques.

In this research, the regular FUE technique was the starting point. Since then, we have developed the technique to such an extent that a completely new technique has emerged from this: the FUE CT technique with a 97% satisfaction rate after just one treatment.

What sets us apart

Amsterdam Hair Institute

97% satisfaction rate

With our 97% success rate after one treatment, we are the strongest hair transplant clinic in Europe

9.8 in client reviews

Clients rate us with a 9.8 in independent customer satisfaction surveys such as Google Reviews and Kiyoh

Unique afro hair protocols

With our self-developed technique, we can achieve 2 to 2.5 times more density after a single treatment than regular hair transplant techniques

17+ years of experience

As a sister company of Hairworld Istanbul, we have performed more than 16,000 successful hair transplants over the past 17 years with a specialism for afro hair

Known from international TV

Our unique hair transplant technique has been highlighted on national channels such as CNN, RTL4 and SBS6 for years.

The clinic of celebrities

Amsterdam Hair Institute is the most chosen clinic by
Dutch and international celebrities

This is how it works

The treatment process

Upload 3 photos

Upload 3 photos and receive a no-obligation, indicative quote from the specialist within 24 hours and/or shedule an appointment

Get free information by phone

After receiving the quotation, you can inform yourself by telephone without any obligation and schedule a consultation at short notice

Non-binding consultation

The final assessment takes place during the consultation of up to 45 minutes. The consultation is entirely informative and non-binding. You do not have to decide anything.

The treatment

A treatment date for your hair transplant will be scheduled in consultation with you. You will receive an information package with your schedule and guidelines.

Effective CTS aftercare

Our self-developed CTS + mesotherapy aftercare treatments encourage healthy hair growth and structure. These treatments are combined with the PRP treatments. The recommendation is to undergo 3 CTS + mesotherapy treatments in your 12 month recovery. CTS + mesotherapy is only performed in combination with a hair transplant.

Your restore and result!

You will receive comprehensive documentation with the most frequently asked questions and guidelines during your recovery. In addition, there are 3 check-up moments during your aftercare treatments, where your hairgrow is monitored. Furthermore, there are 3 online check-ups with photos and a easy to use WhatsApp support line.

Get a free quote only or plan a consultation

Upload 3 photos and receive no-obligation specialist assessment and quote. After receiving the quote, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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